Configuration kit Emerson

  • Configuration kit for Emerson instruments
  • Includes all types of programming and service cables
  • AMS 3000, AMS 6500 use a special RS232 cable
  • AMS 6500 ATG, EZ1000 use a standard USB cable 


Tester FG320 simulates various vibration signals

  • Simulation of piezo sensors
  • Simulation of eddy-current sensors
  • Simulation of input signals for 3-channel systems
  • Easy handling using a PC


Portable shaker for mechanical simulation of vibration

  • "Shakes" with the sensor in a defined way
  • Compact dimensions: diameter 53 x 230 mm
  • Battery power makes work in field easier
  • Suitable for piezo and eddy-current sensors

MAC 800

Portable one-channel vibration analyzer

  • Easy handling, immediate results
  • Possibility of data storage and comparison
  • Frequency filters for typical failures evaluation
  • Software for data visualisation and storage


Displacement simulator for testing and calibration of sensors

  • Suitable for all sensors of PR 642x and EZ1000 series
  • Precise position setting in range 0...25 mm
  • Resolution 0,001 mm
  • Calibration disc from typical shaft steel 42CrMo4