Universal Measuring Card

  • Dual channel card for monitoring of vibration, shift and rot. speed
  • API 670 compliant,  hot swappable
  • Integrated diagnostic features: FFT, PeakVue and band filters

  • Shortproof power sources for sensors
  • Both channel can be configured as independent or combined

Functions of independent channels:

  • Bearing vibration (acceleration, velocity, displacement)
  • Relative shaft vibration, shaft eccentricity 
  • Statical shift (with linearisation up to 32 segments)
  • Rod position, valve position
  • Rotational speed/key phasor 

Function of combined channels (2 sensors are used for 1 calculated quantity) 

  • Relative shaft vibration (vector Smax)
  • Absolute rotor vibration (displacement)
  • Shift measurement at cone or tandem (linearisation possible)

A6500-UM outputs (for each channel):

  • 1x analog 0/4...20 mA
  • 1x binary 24V, Channel OK
  • 2x binary 24V, limit crossed
  • 1x analog, shortproof rough sensor signal

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