PC420VP, vibration velocity, 0-p

Measuring ranges:

  • 0... 12,7 mm/s (0-p)
  • 0... 25,4 mm/s (0-p)
  • 0... 50,8 mm/s (0-p)
  • 0... 76,2 mm/s (0-p)
  • 0... 127 mm/s (0-p)

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Catalog sheets
Datasheet PC420A
Datasheet PC420V
Datasheet PC420V-IS
Datasheet PC420VEX

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Cables and Protective Hoses


High-grade teflon cable with an adjustable connector

Wilcoxon Cables

Cables for Wilcoxon sensors

Sensor Brackets

Magnetic mounting base

Magnetic holder for temporary mounting of the sensor.


Mounting stud for accelerometer


Cementing pad for accelerometer