Transmitter for eddy current sensor

  • Compatible sensors: PR6422, 6423, 6424, 6425, 6426
  • Meas. range: 1 mm až 24 mm acc. to sensor
  • Sensor connected by LEMO plug
  • Aluminum box, protection class IP65

  • Operating temperature: -35°...+100°C
  • Power supply: -24VDC, 15mA
  • Output signal:  -2...-18V or +4...-20 V
  • Version CON011/91 for extended ranges up to 24 mm
  • Pure analog device
  • Configuration and calibration require hardware modifications
  • Obsolete, use EZ1000 for new projects

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Catalog sheets
Datasheet CON011

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Transmitter for eddy current proximity sensors


Eddy-current contactless sensor

Price from 3.500EUR

PR6424, PR6425

Eddy-current contactless sensor

Price from 3.500EUR


Eddy-current contactless sensor