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MMS 6220

Dual Channel Shaft Eccentricity Monitor
  • Module with digital data processing
  • Signal evaluation (p-p eccentricity, min. and max. distance, continuous measurement of sensor - shaft distance)
  • Built-in supply for eddy-current sensors
  • Current outputs proportional to the measured values 0/4 ... 20 mA
  • Two limits output and one output for channel status for each channel

MMS 6220 BD

Dual Channel Shaft Eccentricity Monitor
  • Special version of module MMS 6220 with original algorithm from ŠKODA POWER for eccentricity evaluation
  • Modul with digital data processing
  • Usage with eddy-current sensors PR 642X from epro
  • Shaft vibration sensor sharing possibility
  • Buil-in supply for eddy-current sensors