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NVGate is the cornerstone for all measurement tasks. From field acquisition to reporting, it gathers the major measurements’ steps in a unique interface. It hosts all OROS software modules driving the 3-Series analyzers.
  • Task-oriented Vision interface
  • On-line or post-analysis
  • Simultaneous recording of time domain signal
  • Complete reporting tools to Word® and Excel®
  • Dedicated modes for structural, rotating and acoustics
  • Personal control panel and preferences
  • Mask editor and alarms
  • Macros, sequence and TCP/IP control
  • Calibration suite

Rotating Analysis

Whatever the machine type: a high speed turbine, a compressor, a transmission or a slow speed engine, OROS analyzers provide all the tools for rotating analysis.
  • ORBIGate (Vector data: DC Gap voltage, Peak-Peak, nX values (Amplitude & Phase, Orbits and nX Orbits, Shaft Center Line, Bode and Nyquist Diagram, Shaft view, Frequency spectra)
  • Torsional Vibration Measurement
  • Balancing
  • Order Tracking Analysis (Synchronous Order Analysis,Waterfall, Constant Band Tracking)

Structural Dynamics Analysis

Structural analysis is a powerful tool for understanding the behavior of industrial machinery and their supporting structures. It is used in maintenance, prototype validation and mechanical design as well as field applications. Good structural analysis starts with good data. For that reason, all the tools for efficient and accurate acquisition have been integrated into our structural solutions.
  • Structural Acquisition with NVGate
  • Modal Analysis and ODS
  • Advanced Swept Sine

Acoustics Analysis

OROS 3-Series portable analyzers provide accurate and comprehensive results from noise phenomena. Acoustic analysis can be performed simultaneously with other signal processing such as FFT, recorder, or order tracking.
  • 1/n Octave Analysis
  • Overall Acoustics: Levels & Profiles
  • Sound Power
  • Sound Intensity