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PR 9376

Sensor PR 9376 is for contactless speed measuring of feromagnetic mechanical parts.
  • Possible to connect to digital tachometer DFF 916 or DFP 951
  • (Panel mounting) with possibility to display RPM, frequency, speed
  • Rugged construction
  • Frequency range 12 kHz
  • High output pulse voltage
  • Pulse with raising and falling edge 1 ms
  • Short circuit protection
  • Power supply 10 ... 30 V=
  • Operating temperature range –30 ... max. +100 °C
  • Protection class: IP 66

PR xxxx

Sensors suitable for speed measurement
  • For speed measurement it is suitable to use eddy-current sensors described here
  • During selection of suitable type (size) of sensor it is possible to measure on several wheels with grooves, teeth, holes from different metallic materials etc.
  • Measuring is also possible directly on shaft with piece of copper foil stuck on it
  • Measuring is less sensitive to shape and accuracy of teeth and cleanness environment
  • Output signal from sensor (or converter) has shape of pulses affected by shape of teeth, wheel material or air gap setting and usually it is important another processing with suitable shaping converter
  • It is possible to use transmitter MMS 3311 (contains sensor converter) or modules MMS 6310, MMS 6312 (requires converter and sensor)