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CSI 6500

The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system. Housed in a single chassis, the CSI 6500 combines proven prediction and protection to provide a complete online machinery monitoring solution.
  • Fully API 670 compliant with machinery health monitoring
  • Standard 6U x 19" wide chassis for cabinet mount
  • Combination of protection monitoring and predictive monitoring
  • Design ensures that a single circuit failure will not affect more than two channels, including hot swappable module replacement
  • Internal time clock synchronization with plant time included
  • Redundant Modbus, TCP or serial, for integration of protection monitors with 3rd party control systems. Additional simplex Modbus output for prediction parameters
  • Slots for 16 or 32 shutdown relay outputs
  • Two-channel tachometer / key channels
  • 12 slots for 3U high two-channel vibration and position monitoring modules for a total of 24 inputs
  • 4 - 20 mA outputs and buffered outputs rear and front
  • Includes relay bypass and trip multiply configurable per channel
  • Power supply is external and does not require chassis slot

CSI 2600

Portable, 24-channel machinery health monitor and analyzer helps troubleshoot your entire machine or group of machines. Includes transient analysis for turbo machinery startup, coast down, and production state monitoring. Monitor and record all channels continuously and simultaneously for hours, days or weeks – unattended. AMS Suite integration saves time and facilitates multi-technology integration.
  • Transient analysis for turbo machinery
  • Integration with AMS Machinery Manager
  • Turbine replay
  • 12 or 24 channels of simultaneous, continuous data acquisition
  • Live plots, updating 5 times per second
  • 100+ hours of data recording
  • Runout subtraction
  • Acceptance regions
  • Drag and drop baseline on live plots
  • 3D rotate cascade plots
  • Integration with CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer
  • 2 or 4 speed/phase sensors channels
  • Optional PeakVue processor (6400 lines, 40 kHz Fmax) scanning
  • 24+ user-definable analysis parameters per channel
  • Transient processor: 51,200 lines of resolution, 2 kHz Fmax simultaneous
  • Unattended, or automatic event- based, adaptive monitoring
  • Event monitoring based on speed, overall vibration level, DC input level or relay input (optional), with Boolean combinations
  • Optional external hard drive storage, extending system flexibility
  • Automatic export to optional ME’Scope
  • Unattended operation without laptop computer
  • Customized filtered orbits
  • Multi-colored plots for easy analysis

MMS 6850

Software package process measured vibration data including process parameters from control system. It represents diagnostic tool for archiving, visualization and data evaluation.
  • Upgrade of protection system MMS 6000
  • Diagnostic data monitor
  • Condition monitoring
  • Early fault detection
  • Predictive maintenance


A task of A3716 is to measure analogue signals from protection systems or from directly connected sensors. Practically it consists of fast computer with specialized HW for measuring and software for collecting the data.
  • 4 measuring modules
  • Each module: 4x AC + 4x DC + 1x TACHO
  • AC input with optional ICP powering ±12V (24-bit A/D conversion)
  • DC input ±24V or 4-20mA (12bit A/D conversion)
  • Frequency range 25600 Hz
  • (65.5 kHz sampling frequency)
  • User filters (low pass filter 1 Hz -12800 Hz, high pass filter 25 Hz -25600 Hz)
  • Tacho input 0,8 Hz - 1000 Hz
  • Data acquisition: wideband value (RMS, o-p, p-p, SMAX), time signal, spectrum, order analysis, orbit, speed, centerline, process parameters, ACMT, envelope modulations