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Digital Overspeed Protection System

  • Overspeed protection safety function meets SIL 3 requirements
  • Rotational direction detection safety function meets SIL 2 requirements
  • SIL certification according to IEC61508:2010 and relevant parts of EN 62511 and DIN EN 62061
  • Micro-controller based 3-channel protection system
  • Password protection for configuration software and each monitor
  • 6 programmable binary outputs per channel
  • 2 galvanically separated current outputs per channel
  • 3 pulse outputs per channel
  • Measurement of shaft acceleration
  • Redundant power supply
  • Mutual comparison of pulse and analog output signals between all channels
  • Self-test functions for electronic circuits and connected sensors
  • Integrated Proof-Test function
  • Simplified fault detection by display messages in plain text
  • RS 232 configuration interface and RS 485 interface for data exchange
  • Hot swap of channels during operation
  • PROFIBUS DP interface (optional)