Monitoring Systems

Protection and monitoring systems of rotary machines consist of individual measuring monitors. The system is selected and configured based on the specific application needs, such as machine type, functional safety or type of used sensors.


Sensors are essential part of every rotating machine monitoring system. We provide wide range of vibration sensors (piezo and non-contact), displacement and speed sensors and special instrumentation for generators and hydroelectric turbines

Vibration Transducers

The transducers evaluate various measurements (absolute, shaft and stator end-winding vibration, displacement). Transducers in a protective case can be placed directly in the machine room and provide cost-effective protection of small rotating machines.


Unavailability of rotary equipment can be critical for plant operation. Vibrodiagnostics provides information about the state of your machines. With diagnostics, you can save both your time and money by having constant overview of your machinery health.


We offer a broad spectrum of accessories for protection systems and sensors. Service devices for commissioning and testing, mounting adapters, protection hoses, holders and vibration sensors cables, junction boxes and many other accessories