Adash DDS

Diagnostic extension for protection sytem

  • OPC UA, OPC DA and Modbus communication protocol
  • powerful diagnostic software
  • user friendly, high reliability
  • real-time data evaluation, adaptive algorithm for data storage

Emerson MHM

Diagnostic extension for protection system

  • real-time measuring and data evaluation
  • actual values overview
  • offline analysis
  • hardware interconnection and possibility of Modbus communication

Adash MMS 6850

Diagnostic extension for protection system

  • OPC DA and Modbus communication protocol
  • user friendly and high reliability
  • real-time data evaluation
  • ring memory, event database

MC-monitoring CMS500

Diagnostic platform of PMS300 system

  • Long term storage database based software
  • Multi-instruments and multi-units data handling
  • Full integration of PMx-300 and MMS-400 products family
  • Long term trending and alarm log data storage

Sparks Instruments TMS 2000

Diagnostic extension of UDL8000 and TMS5x41 systems

  • Platform for long term storage and complete analysis of measured values of generator isolation state.
  • Complete overview od end-winding vibration, partial discharge and magnetic flux.