Coupling capacitors for partial discharge measurement

  • Nominal voltage 12/17.5 kVrms
  • Embedded quadrupole with reference voltage output
  • Embedded overvoltage protection
  • Capacity 1000 pF


Optical accelerometers for end-winding measurement

  • Resistive against high electromagnetic field
  • Great electric isolation (more than 65 kVrms)
  • Double output - displacement and acceleration
  • Ouput sensitivity: acceleration 100 mV/g


Rotor magnetic flux sensors

  • The sensor core is a search coil, detecting passing of every rotor winding coil
  • Each sensor is manufactured individually according to generator construction


Coupling capacitors for partial discharge monitoring

  • Nominal voltage (between phases) 16 kVrms
  • Epoxy-mica
  • Usage for hydro and turbogenerators and large industrial motors