Emerson Vibration Monitoring System

Rack system of measuring monitors, compliant to API670 and other international machine protection systems standards. Flexible system with excellent parameters is designed with Emerson long term knowledge and experience.

Emerson Overspeed Protection System

A reliable three-channel system for guarding the turbine overspeed, processing signals from the speed sensors on the turbine tooth wheel. The system is SIL3 compliant for overspeed protection and SIL2 compliant for axial thrust protection.

Emerson Vibration Diagnostics

Advanced on-line monitoring and diagnostic system. The core of the system, a Prediction module, serves as high-end extension of AMS6500 ATG systems or as a standalone monitoring system for less-important machines.

Small Rotating Machines Monitoring

A compact multichannel device for small rotating machines protection. Vibration and other process parameters monitoring. Diagnostic evaluation of measured values for typical machine configurations. Located directly in the machine room.

Hydroelectric Turbines Protection

Slow-running machines protection system process signals from all types of hydroelectric turbine sensors. It is possible to continuously monitor rotor, bearings and impeller vibration and prevent the critical failures of machines.

Special Purpose Monitors

Special monitors extend the standard protection systems with advanced functions, which can be implemented into the monitor. One of the functions of the monitor is the detection of a rotor bending, based on DOOSAN Škoda Power patented algorithm.

Partial Discharge Monitoring

Systems for advanced generator isolation monitoring. The systems are designed to measure partial discharges based on the signals from coupling capacitors, epoxy-mica capacitors or SSC (sensors located directly in the stator winding slots).

End-winding Vibration and Rotor Flux Monitoring

Monitoring of generator insulation state is becoming a standard demand of machine operators. We offer complex solution of this monitoring, with possibility to monitor end-winding vibration and rotor flux with a single device.


Archive of older or obsolete systems. We offer parts of the systems as spare parts, or a replacement from the range of actual products. We provide full after-warranty support of Emerson monitoring systems (including epro and Philips).