Multi-function Controller

Modular automation system in a 96 x 96mm format. Measure, control, calculation, process visualization, operation, alarm and alerts in one device. Comprehensive application-oriented functionality. 3.5” colour touch-screen display. Graphical programming utility with simulator.

Rotor bending monitor

Rotor eccentricity monitoring at turning gear operation. Based on the Doosan Škoda Power patent. Reference vector memory for residual deflection compensation. Configuration software for setting parameters and visualization of the measured and calculated parameters.

Hygienic compact IO-Link
temperature sensor PT20H

Quick and efficient temperature measurement. Process safety thanks to 3-A sanitary standards, FDA-compliant, EHEDG-certified hygienic design. Digital IO-Link interface for process and product optimization. SIP compatible and resistant to all conventional CIP cleaning media.

Potentiometric level
sensor PLP70

The potentiometric level sensors from Baumer enable flexible use for efficient process monitoring and control. Very precise, reliable and reproducible measurement results ensure optimized processes, such as precise monitoring of fill levels in feeding and storage tanks.

Level Switch
Baumer CleverLevel

Modern level switch based on the frequency sweep technology. Easy and universal point level detection regardless of the medium: liquid, sticky or solid. Distinguishes between foam and liquid, detects separating layers. Easy integration thanks to a variety of process connections.

Fully welded pressure sensor
with flush membrane PP56

A modern, space-saving pressure sensor with IO-Link communication, designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It measures absolute or relative pressure. The sensor features a rotating touch graphic display and a fully welded body with a front flush membrane.

Flow Sensors

Efficient monitoring of the flow rate and temperature of the medium for hygienic and industrial applications. For aqueous media in closed systems. Optimal installation regardless of the installation position. IO-Link interface. Various process connections and probe lengths.

In-head transmitter
FlexTop 2212

Programmable through integrated USB port. Sensor calibration for either offset, slope or polynomial adjustment. All types TC and RTD temperature sensors supported. Fast sampling time < 50 ms. Accuracy better than 0.1°C for RTD elements. Galvanic isolated and ATEX certified.

Front-flush thermometer

Front-flush and low invasive Pt100 temperature transmitter. 3-A fulfillment without elastomers. Hermetically sealed towards process. Accurate reading independent on ambient temperature. Compact stainless steel housing. Optional integrated 4 … 20 mA transmitter.

Importance of vibration monitoring of rotating machines

Motto: If something is rotating, it also vibrates. How much depends on many circumstances: rotational speeds, rotating mass, quality of the installation, etc. Vibrations of the smallest machines may be ignored, vibrations of the medium size machines need to be checked at least occasionally and vibrations of the large machines are required to be monitored continuously. There are many parameters on each machine that should be monitored to avoid operational problems or even accidents. We focus mainly to vibrations and displacement monitoring where we utilize many years of our experience. We will always find the optimal solution for your machine. The rapid development of electronics and computer technology in the last decade makes it possible to detect and prevent a potential problem before it even occurs.

FG320 - Machine monitoring systems tester

The FG320 tester is a unique device for testing and commissioning of the rotary machine monitoring systems. The device simulates all types of typically used vibration, displacement, eccentricity or speed sensors. The FG320 is very compact and lightweight device which is controlled and powered by an ordinary PC or laptop.

The tester is very compact. It is especially suitable for longer trips with a limited luggage weight. The device weighs only 300 grams. Apart from a laptop computer and a standard USB A-B cable, no additional accessories are required.

The software is very intuitive and easy to use. The user can select a simulated sensor from an internal database, create and save user defined signal, set a ramp, display the output signal or use many others useful functions.

Baumer CombiFlow electromagnetic flow meters

Electromagnetic flow meters measure fluid flow by the voltage induced across the liquid by its flow through a magnetic field. Unlike many other principles of flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters do not contain any mechanical moving parts and does not affect the flow or pressure of the measured medium, which only must be electrically conductive.

The electromagnetic flow meters from Baumer allow efficient process monitoring and control. Very precise, reliable and reproducible measurement results lead to optimized processes, for example for the precise dosage of media. This ensures the optimal use of resources. In addition, the flow measurement with Baumer sensors takes place in the system without any loss of energy, as the measuring tubes do not cause any pressure loss with high accuracy.

Baumer Process sensors

Baumer is represented in more than 70 countries. Company PROFESS is a respective sales unit of Baumer Process sensors in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We focus to automation of process technology with transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment for the parameters of pressure, temperature, fill level, flow and conductivity of gaseous, liquid, paste-like and granular media. We offer durable, precise, and optimally adapted sensors for every application.

Choose the right CHEMICAL SEAL

In the world of pressure measurement, the chemical seal has a predominant place.
All severe, dangerous or hygienic processes require a chemical seal to be fitted between the process and the measuring instrument.

Nowhere is this more true than in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
Professionals can assist you in choosing the right CHEMICAL SEAL for the safe and correct measurement of your process.

CIP - Food safety with maximum effectiveness

Keeping the technology completely hygienic clean is a priority for every food and beverage production. All tanks and pipes must be flushed with cleaning solution to remove bacteria and deposits. The term CIP has been used for cleaning technology and it means Cleaning-in-Place. Concentration of cleaning solutions, which is determined by measuring conductivity and temperature, is critically important for controlling the CIP process. CombiLyz conductivity sensor has very fast temperature sensor, which will help to save cleaning solutions during the separation of the cleaning phases. CombiLyz saves the environment and your finances.