Piezo Sensors

We offer wide range of Wilcoxon piezo sensors: Accelerometers, velocity sensors, loop-powered sensors, high temperature and special purpose versions. Guaranteed life-time warranty on selected types.

Proximity Sensors

Eddy-current proximimty sensors measure both vibration and the distance between sensor tip and monitored rotating machine part. The measuring chain consists of a sensor, a cable and a converter and this chain is calibrated together.

Inductive Vibration Transducers

Time-proven inductive seismic vibration velocity transducers produce a velocity signal in the desired frequency band. Thanks to the sensor principle, a number of power, filtering and integration issues are avoided.

Linear Position Sensors

Sensors for accurate contact measurement of the distance of objects, based on magnetostrictive or inductive principle. Suitable for for measuring of stator casing displacements, valve positions, etc. Protected by metallic housing and cable protective tube.

Speed Sensors

Contactless speed sensors based on the Hall probe or eddy-current principle provide reliable information about machine's actual speed. The sensors can be mounted directly to the bearing housing or on the holder neat the tooth wheel.

Hydroelectric Turbine Sensors

We provide high-quality sensors from the Swiss company MCMonitoring, soutiable for hydroelectric turbines. You can select within a range of high-pressure/cavitation resistant sensors, airgap sensors or low-frequency probes with high sensitivity.

Generator Instrumentation

Sensors and capacitors for generator isolation condition monitoring. Capacitors (couplers or epoxy-mica) for partial discharge detection. Optical accelerometers for end-winding vibration and search coils for magnetic flux measurement.