Hall effect sensor for measuring the rotational speed.

  • Hall effect sensor with permanent magnet
  • Frequency range  0... 12 kHz
  • Gear module >1
  • Operating temperature -25 ... +100°C

EZ1000, PR642x

Eddy current sensors

Eddy current path sensors are also very suitable for speed sensing.
When choosing a suitable type (size) of the sensor, it is possible to measure on various wheels with grooves, teeth, holes, made of various metal materials, etc. Measurement is also possible directly on the shaft with a piece of copper foil glued. The measurement is less sensitive to the shape and accuracy of the teeth and the cleanliness of the environment.


Rotational speed sensor based on Differential Hall effect

  • Frequency range 0-12 kHz
  • Single channel with output, that displays rotational speed like a single track frequency signal
  • Temperature range -40...125 °C