MC-monitoring CMS500

Diagnostic platform of PMS300 system

  • Long term storage database based software
  • Multi-instruments and multi-units data handling
  • Full integration of PMx-300 and MMS-400 products family
  • Long term trending and alarm log data storage

  • Event based data storage and analysis
  • Unit startup, overspeed and shutdown based data storage and analysis
  • Many data visualization as:
    • Site and machines overview and bargraph
    • Time Signal, Pole Profile and Speed profile
    • Mingap, Flux and Temperature pole signature
    • FFT, STFT
    • Cascade and Waterfall (Order or frequency based)
    • Orbits (Unfiltered, filtered and super-imposed)
    • Cascade orbits and Full spectrum
    • Bode and Polar plots (Magnitude and phase)
    • Shaft center line
    • Airgap Polarview with Stator and Rotor round-ness
    • Trend vs time and trend correlation

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PMS 300

Universal protection system, suitable especially for hydroelectric turbine protection. Rack version with possibility up to 64 monitored channels.

Falcon MMS-412

Two-channel unit for vibration and displacement measurement