AMS 6300 SIS system connection board

  • Backplane ensures interconnection of 3 A6370 monitors
  • Plug-in terminals for sensors, power, inputs and ouputs connection in the back of the board
  • Board occupies 1/2 of 19" rack

  • The board bears the active circuits of 2oo3 voting and output relays
  • Two versions of output relays logic

Version with 2oo3 voting logic (A6371/00 - Voted)

  • 2x "Trip" relay (2oo3 voting)
  • 1x relay "Dig. output 2"  (s výběrem 2 ze 3)
  • 1x relay "Dig. output 3"  (s výběrem 2 ze 3)
  • 1x relay "Channel OK" (1oo3 voting)

Version without 2oo3 voting logic (A6371/10 - not Voted)

  • 3x "Trip "relay (1x for each card)
  • 1x relay "Dig. output 2"  (2oo3 voting)
  • 1x relay "Dig. output 3"  (2oo3 voting)

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