A6500-SR, A6500-RR

System Rack 19"

  • AMS 6500 ATG system rack  19"
  • PCB backplane on rear side carries all connectors and terminals and provides all necessary inter connections
  • The terminals on the back require access to the frame from behind

Version A6500-SR

  • Max. capacity of the rack: 11x A6500-UM/TP, 1x A6500-RC, 2x A6500-CC
  • Commonly used variant

Version A6500-RR

  • Max. capacity of the rack:  9x A6500-UM/TP, 2x A6500-RC , 2x A6500-CC
  • The inputs of both relay cards are connected in parallel
  • The remaining 12 inputs are connected to the connector for external signals
  • Both relay cards can be programmed differently or identically

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Catalog sheets
Datasheet System Rack
Datasheet Relay Rack

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