AMS 6300 SIS

SIL 3 functional safety certified speed guard system

  • Three-channel system with 2oo3 voting
  • Succesor of epro DOPS system
  • Safe machine trip after speed limit exceeding
  • Rotating direction and zero speed detection

  • 6 programmable binary outputs for each channel
  • 2 galvanically separated, configurable current ouputs for each channeů
  • Continuous pulse comparison with analog values between all channels
  • Automatic test functions for electronic circuits and connected sensors
  • Configuration via USB-B interface
  • Optional output of PROFIBUS DP
  • ccuracy of speed measurement ±0,03% of range
  • Reaction time 12,5 ms
  • Variants with/without embedded 2oo3 voting logic

The configuration software for AMS6300SIS will be provided for you to download upon request. Because the AMS6300SIS is an important protection system, the configuration is protected by a password stored directly on the A6370 card. Without knowing this password, you can only view the configuration and measured values. Password is entered into the card by the turbine supplier during commissioning. 

Older versions (approximately until 2018) were connected to the configuration PC via a Com port and a special cable. You will find a suitable cable and USB converter in the A6910 configuration kit.

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TÜV Certificate AMS 6300 SIS
TÜV certificate, sensors and converters

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AMS 6300 SIS Overspeed Protection System

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AMS 6300 SIS system connection board

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Eddy current sensors


Hall effect sensor for measuring the rotational speed.


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